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Baby Alpaca Fur Wildlife Hat with Earflaps Fox, Bear, Panda, Wolf

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002231 - 5000
1.00 LBS
  • Wildlife Alpaca Fur Hat Lined with Ear Flaps Adults
  • Fine Baby Alpaca Fur Hat with Earflaps Wildlife Designs
  • Super Fine Alpaca Baby Hat with Wildlife Designs Adults
  • Wildlife baby alpaca fur Hat Russian Style is made with 100% baby alpaca fur.


PREMIUM Peruvian baby alpaca fur hat wildlife designs, Russian hat, Men's and Women's fine alpaca hat, Cossack hat, alpaca fluff hat, winter hat Cossack


Fine and majestic premium baby alpaca hat that crowns you in fur with our beautiful designs inspired in winter's wildlife. This winter hat is made of baby alpaca fur soft, light, luxurious and 100% hypoallergenic material, that will keep you warm and chic all winter. The inner lining is trimmed fur with impeccable finishing, Classy and sophisticated look for all occasions. These luxurious and trendy alpaca hats are made of premium baby alpaca fur very soft and silky to the touch and thermally insulating.

Our majestic winter Cossack hat with animal designs are made by hand of baby alpaca fur that’s so thick, soft, and luxurious that you’ll never be in a rush to take it off.

This hat keeps you protected from wind and cold, and always well dressed for any occasion. Genuine and natural Baby Alpaca Fur.

Alpaca products have a superb appearance and a natural luster that does not diminish with time. Alpacas are gentle to their environment, they are eco friendly, and there is no animal suffering in the process of obtaining their wool or fur. Baby Alpaca refers to the quality of the adult Alpaca's hair, not a baby animal.


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