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Fair for Life

Fair trade has become so much more than a commerce model:

it's now a social movement in its own right, as a growing number of people choose products characterized by a commitment to improving conditions for vulnerable producers around the world. At the outset, we wanted to do right by the artisans.  That has always been our main goal. As we formed our organization around this mission, we soon saw that many of our guiding principles aligned perfectly with those of the fair-trade movement.

In simple terms, it's the belief that everyone should be fairly compensated for the work they do. 

At Sanyork Fair Trade we believe we can make a bigger difference in artisans' lives. We are producing products at a wholesale level that can make a difference at a larger scale with a considerable number of artisans involved. Through the support and involvement of businesses our project is sustainable, and artisans can be constantly gainfully employed.

 The fair-trade movement has 10 guiding principles...

PRINCIPLE 1: Create opportunities for economically disadvantaged producers.

PRINCIPLE 2: Be transparent and accountable.

PRINCIPLE 3: Conduct fair trade practices.

PRINCIPLE 4: Pay a fair price.

PRINCIPLE 5: Guard against child labor and forced labor.

PRINCIPLE 6: Promote gender equality and nondiscrimination.

PRINCIPLE 7: Ensure good working conditions.

PRINCIPLE 8: Provide capacity building.

PRINCIPLE 9: Promote fair trade.

PRINCIPLE 10: Respect for the environment.

Spread happiness when you shop fair trade!