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Frida Kahlo's Portrait Handmade Bark Amate Paper Hand Printed 12 x 16

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 Tree bark paper known as Papel Amate has been made for centuries by the Otomí Indians in the states of Puebla and Vera Cruz in Mexico.               Made from the pulp of the fig and mulberry trees. To make amate, the outer tree bark is peeled and the inner bark is boiled and soaked in water o   overnight, then beaten with a smooth flat stone until it becomes pulp.

Hand silk screening is used in the printing process over the amate bark paper and it involves creating a stencil on a mesh screen and then pushing the ink to create and imprint the design on the paper below surface.  Five or Six screens are applied to the bark paper to create the final hand printed deisgn.

 Papel Amate is handmade paper from tree bark which originates from the Otomi Indians in Central Mexico where it is still produced according to   ancient traditions.                                                                                                                                                                                                                 First, the bark of the Mori tree is cooked into pieces, then the fibers are torn apart and straightened out on a wooden board with a stone until the surface is felted. After the rays of sunlight have helped with the drying process, the Papel Amate is printed with classic Mexican vintage motifs.

In the last step, the paper edges are lightly burnt with wooden embers, perfecting the original character and patina of these charming unique pieces.

Our unique prints on Amate paper are made by Julio Cesar Maritinez in the Village of San Pablo in Puebla. Over 36 years a resident of San Pablo, Julio Cesar has mastered the art of printing and making the sheets of amate bark paper.

12" x 16" print with cotton backing (Limited Edition)

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